Fashion.Style. (A band excursion through a vintage clothing shop)

I love expressing myself creatively. (Go figure.) Aside from the obvious creative outlets of songwriting and playing music, my other creative hobbies are cooking and fashion. My “recommended for you” Pinterest home page is an interesting assortment of vintage clothing and 1970s fashion, various noodle recipes (I love carbs) and VitaMix recipes with ingredients ranging from kale and ginger to ice cream and booze.

When it comes to stagewear, I enjoy the challenge of finding the middle ground between interesting and comfortable. My style, as I’ve been told, is a blend of “boho chic” and “geek chic.” It’s pretty much my personality rolled into one look – a gypsy lifestyle touring musician who has a Master of Music Theory. (DORK!)

When the band is on tour, we all enjoy finding local vintage clothing shops. We’ve all gathered a pretty great collection of stage attire just from touring across the USA. I think my favorite place to this day is still Elan’s Vintage Boutique in Rapid City, SD. Elan has a great assortment of vintage clothing, modern clothing, and jewelry that she makes herself.


IMG_4486Elan’s Vintage Boutique – 7th St. in downtown Rapid City, SD


Since it’s become a regular thing for us to visit Elan’s shop while in the Black Hills, the gang and I dropped in the other day after a radio station interview.

One of the things we love about Elan’s shop is how she fills her store with carefully chosen vintage pieces, ranging from Levi’s jeans to kimonos to go-go boots and everything else you could imagine, tastefully displayed in her small downtown store. There are also a few modern pieces scattered throughout the collections, all of which add to the stylish vibe of the boutique.





IMG_4494My friends like to dress me.

Our band functions as a small business, and we love to support other small businesses. Not to mention… some of the most unique and fun clothing items can only be found in a local store. Like these pants. They remind me either of drapery or The Brady Bunch, or both. And I love them.


Elan was thrilled to see someone successfully squeeze into those pants. Yes, I bought them. And if Nick was just a little bit smaller, I would have had to fight him for the pants, because he was eyeballing them too.

However, I think everyone’s favorite part about our visit was the tray of old prescription eyeglasses. We were cracking ourselves up. They reminded me of my dad’s glasses, which we called his “Millhouse glasses” after Bart Simpson’s best friend. You know… Coke bottle glasses. 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 10.02.38 PM



IMG_4503 Squinting and trying to avoid migraines. And tripping and falling.

Side note. Have you seen our Musical Vacation video series, where we find cool places and play acoustic music? In this episode, Nick and Sean are both sporting some sweet outfits purchased at Elan’s.

Many thanks to Elan for letting us run around her shop and take pictures. If you’re ever in Rapid City, SD, I recommend you swing by her place. And if you’re not ever in Rapid City… she has an Etsy shop!


Know of an awesome vintage boutique near you? Share it with me, and we will check it out when we come to your town!

Photos in this post were taken by Nick and Mackenzie.

Lisa Kacos
  • Elan labeau
    Posted at 17:52h, 24 August

    We loved having you guys!!
    Safe travels! We hope to see you soon!

    • Lisa Kacos
      Posted at 17:56h, 24 August

      Thanks again for letting us crash your shop! 🙂 See you next time we’re in town!