Keys to the Waterpark: every kid’s dream. And ours, too.

Back in 2011, we started regularly touring/vacationing through the wild west mountain towns of the US; some of them cowboy towns stuck in a time warp, some quaint and classy, and some developed and bustling metropolises. All towns have their own unique charm.

One town that has become a second home to us is Spearfish, SD. Our fondness of this town began with our friendship with Scott and Mary Temple, the wonderful family who invited us to stay in their home while touring through the Black Hills. Every year we spend anywhere from a few days to a few weeks with them, and every year Scott says, “It’s been too long since we’ve seen you.” We call them Mom and Dad, we all cook meals together, and somehow no one is fazed by 8 people taking turns using one shower.

1560517_10104447898572424_235693486_nScott helping Nick grill dinner

Our Spearfish “home” is in a great location. It’s walking distance from downtown, the grocery store, the local college, parks, Lookout Mountain, tennis courts… and our most recent discovery, the Spearfish Aquatic and Recreational Center!

The Outer Vibe Waterpark3

Maybe it’s because we don’t have anything like it back at home, or maybe it’s because we get bored during off days of tour. But stumbling upon the aquatic center was like striking gold.

Out of the 10 tracks on our “Full Circle” album, we have official music videos for 7 of them. Collectively as a band, we are all partial to the song “Rose Colored Shades.” The message of the song resonates with us and feels good, and we all feel like it encompasses the overall ethos and sound of The Outer Vibe. We had not yet shot a video for this song because we couldn’t come up with an idea that seemed to do justice to the song.

And then we remembered the Aquatic Center.

Our Spearfish dad put us in touch with the owner, Alecia, and after some negotiating, we agreed to do our filming “after hours” so we wouldn’t disturb the water park goers. We had to promise there would be no alcohol, drugs, nudity, or pyrotechnics involved. (Darn.)

Throughout the years of our travels in the Black Hills, we’ve made some great friends. Through a friend of a friend, we befriended Grant Holub, a videographer who lives in Rapid City, SD and owns Black Hills Video. Grant specializes in filming with drones, and his slogan is “Get Elevated.”


IMG_2725Grant… the mysterious person behind the camera

IMG_2641The infamous drone

(Side note: Grant is the guy who connected us with his friend’s property in the Badlands, where we were allowed to light a piano on fire in our “Shining Like a Diamond” music video.)

We lucked out big time that, amidst the craziness of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally shenanigans, Grant happened to be available for an evening to film our spontaneous music video. With the assistance of Grant and our sound engineer/crew member Mackenzie, our plan was unstoppable.


Our video “shot sheet” consisted of three things:

– Set up our gear and play the song
– Lay in lawn chairs and sing the song
– Play in the water park

As The Outer Vibe likes to say… “It’s easy!”

We filmed the “dry shots” first. But before we could do that, we had to find a way to stay dry and get the drums, the drummer, and the bass player over to their little island.


The Outer Vibe WaterparkScenery so perfect, it looks like it’s green-screened

We are a quirky group of people, and sometimes it’s fun to embrace that. Hence the reason we made a music video in a water park at night, fully clothed and wearing sunglasses.

DSC05158Basking in the moonlight, embracing a watermelon


And then… it was time to have some fun! Grant let us run around with his waterproof/indestructible GoPro camera. Noah, Wonder, and Mackenzie got some great underwater and water slide shots. Meanwhile… Nick, Sean, and I took the “ice bucket challenge.”

 The Outer Vibe Waterpark2Be thankful you can’t hear my scream

The Outer Vibe Waterpark4

As we finished up the filming and crawled out of the water with our soaking wet clothes, Alecia met us with a stack of fresh dry towels and a thermos of hot water with cocoa and cider packets. Such a kind gesture!



This was probably the fastest music video we’ve ever filmed. We loaded into the park at 6:30 PM and were finished and tearing down by 10:15 PM. Success!


Word spreads fast in a small town, so two days after we shot the video, The Black Hills Pioneer asked permission to do a story. We of course said sure.

20160817_095930(You can read the article here.)


Spearfish is a small town filled with big ideas. Can you tell why we love the place so much?


10593187_929787883705139_49233594512270371_nPhoto courtesy of Downtown Friday Nights

Anyway. ‘Nuff said. You can watch the official “Rose Colored Shades” music video right here!

Lisa Kacos
  • Chad Coppess
    Posted at 22:18h, 02 September

    Great stories Lisa! Thanks for being a part of South Dakota!