Nashville Move: Chapter 2

Since Wonder’s last entry about our move to Nashville, it feels like a tornado came out of the sky, picked up us and all our belongings, shook us like a bottle of soda, and dumped us, dazed and disoriented, in a new unfamiliar place. (Wait… I feel like I’ve heard that story before.)

Anyway, there’s been so much going on that I’ll spare you the boring details of the move and just touch on the highlights. 🙂

First things first… our new tour van (Vanakin Skywalker) got smashed by a dump truck when we were in Asheville, NC.


But lo and behold, a few days of us being royally pissed off by this inconvenience eventually allowed us to recognize a blessing in disguise.

If you’re scratching your head, wondering if I’m crazy… let me explain. That dump truck’s insurance covered the repair and gave us a free rental truck so that we didn’t have to pay to rent a U-Haul!

*crowd cheers wildly*

Well, we were pretty excited, anyway, because that changed our moving budget from costly to basically free. We resurrected our old giant trailer that’s been sitting neglected in the driveway for 3+ years, and that beautiful free rig made two trips to Nashville and back.


We would like to give a sincere thank-you to the dump truck driver in Asheville who wrongly thought he could squeeze around our van.

Since we have our priorities, the first load was our motorcycles, along with some furniture and other things. We literally drove for 10 hours, unloaded the bikes into the garage of the new house, slept on the floor (still no beds or furniture at this point) and left at 7:30am the next morning to return home and finish packing. As one of our favorite bands Cage The Elephant said back in 2008… “ain’t no rest for the wicked.”


Fast forward 5 days to the day we moved stuff and played the world’s longest, most grueling game of 3D Tetris. I wish we had a photo of the entire trailer packed full with no extra room, but we were all so busy, no one remembered to snap a pic.


With 5 band members, their partners, and everyone’s lifelong possessions (whittled down because we are cramming everyone into one house), the only logical way to do this was to drive to each person’s house, pack their belongings into the trailer, and then go to the next house. Easy, right? It took about 10 hours. Our trailer was so full and heavy, we were saying our prayers the whole way down I-65 South, hoping the trailer would hold up. It did.


Somehow, totally by accident, we ended up renting a house that’s in one of the nicest, wealthiest neighborhoods of Nashville. Kind of humorous, isn’t it? Our neighbor’s houses trump everything we’ve seen in Beverly Hills.

We walked into our house, exhausted after the packing and driving, and found that our publishing company (Catch This Music) had snuck into our house and filled it with groceries for us! We are in good hands down here.


It didn’t take long for our Nashville house to start looking and feeling like home for us. A little outdated wallpaper and wood paneling never bothered any of us. We embraced it and promptly transformed the house into our Vibe Castle.





Sean’s dummy, Charlie, snuck into Wonder’s room and tried to be creepy, but Wonder wasn’t fazed.


And now all we have to do is make some new friends… which shouldn’t be too tough, thanks to our friends at Perrin Brewery (gotta represent north side GR).


Once we got our lives out of boxes and a little under control, we got down to the nitty-gritty – we signed our official publishing contract with Catch This Music!


It’s customary on Music Row for publishing companies to hang banners of their artists in front of their office buildings. CTM made no exception for us, and we made no exception for a chance to be weirdos.


Stay tuned for Chapter 3, where we’ll give you the inside scoop of what happens during a co-write, and also share some stories about the new friends we are making in town and the big plans we have in store!

Lisa Kacos
  • Agata Herrick
    Posted at 16:47h, 24 October

    I hope you guys have the greatest time in Nashville!! That was a fun read. 🙂

    • Lisa Kacos
      Posted at 18:08h, 24 October

      Thanks, Agata. Glad you enjoyed reading! We are loving Nashville 🙂

  • Kimberly M. Sandin Winter
    Posted at 17:43h, 24 October

    Loved hearing about the move. Wishing you the best in Nashville!

    • Lisa Kacos
      Posted at 18:08h, 24 October

      Thanks, Kimberly. It’s always great to hear from you!

  • Linda little
    Posted at 20:07h, 24 October

    So excited to hear that you have moved and signed a deal. Still loving your music.

    • Lisa Kacos
      Posted at 20:22h, 24 October

      Hey Linda. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from you and Scott (did I get that right?). Thanks for still following us after all these years! Please continue to keep in touch.

  • Robert Tift
    Posted at 23:02h, 24 October

    Sorry that I missed you when I was in Nashcity. I sure love you guys…..

    • Lisa Kacos
      Posted at 02:50h, 28 October

      Guess you’ll have to come back sometime! <3