The Outer Vibe’s Guide to Getting Sexy – Our Touring Diet & Exercise Plan

Well, you can decide for yourself from the title of this journal entry whether or not it’s dripping with sarcasm.

Sometimes during our travels, people ask us, “How do you guys stay in such good shape? You all look so healthy and energetic for spending so much time sitting in that van!”

Being The Outer Vibe, we of course could come up with a million smart-ass answers. But here’s the real answer (a.k.a. the best smart-ass answer), and it comes in three simple steps.

  1. Blender
  2. Tennis
  3. Grill

Step 1 – Blender

Our device of choice is a VitaMix (expensive, yes, but it was a gift from Nick’s mom and worth every penny), but on tour or in a pinch, we are not picky and will use anything that does the job.

We are from the Midwest, which means we love an artistic beer and a good piece of cheese just as much as you’d expect. But we live off fruit smoothies any chance we get because they make us feel so good. (We’d like to thank our friend Aemelia’s mom for introducing us to the wonders of the VitaMix when we stayed at their house in Pella, Iowa.) You can throw in any variety of fruit and veggies you want, and you’ll have a fiber-filled, delicious breakfast in a cup. Not to mention, half the time we forget to chew our food anyway. This process eliminates that tedious step.


IMG_1925Look at those fresh beautiful colors! BTW, there may or may not be ice cream in this smoothie.

Of course, you can use a blender to make so much more than just a fruit smoothie.

Another blender option… our favorite fruity treat, whether you call it a meal or a dessert or a drink… the pina colada. It’s healthy, right? Pineapple, goopy coconut stuff from a can, ice, and rum. Perfect for a hot summer day, especially after a grueling game of tennis. (See Step 2 – Tennis.)


11914251_10153385193951077_4520008540786153067_o (1)

With or without a blender, you can still enjoy a wonderful diet of fresh fruit, and maybe some liquor.

IMG_1715“I used to believe the only thing I’d ever need was a fridge full of fruit and rum, slip-on vans, and the sun”
(our Florida Keys diet)

Step 2 – Tennis

First of all, let me clarify something.

None of us are very good at tennis.

But you know what? It’s a lot of fun, and we’ve actually gotten better over the past couple years. I think we like the idea of playing tennis just as much as we actually like playing.


12778800_10153719433081077_7875334705504928446_oStayin’ hydrated

IMG_2280No pockets? No problem.

The best part about tennis is that you can find a free and available court just about anywhere. It’s very easy to travel with racquets, balls, and short shorts.

IMG_4548An evening of rooftop tennis in West Hollywood, California

When we’re on a roll, we can sometimes get a pretty good match going. And those of us with less control over where we hit the ball definitely create a workout for those who have to sprint across the court to return it.

Seriously. Just watch us in action.

Step 3 – Grill

All of us love a good steak. And a good burger. (Midwest kids = raised on meat & potatoes.) With my marinating/seasoning experiments and Nick’s grilling expertise, we are an unstoppable grilling team. (When Nick steps away from the grill for beverage-making duty, both Noah and Wonder, who are excellent grillers, take over.)




We also like to grill veggies… whatever fun produce we can find on sale at the local grocery store. The most fun produce is the kind with names we can’t pronounce.

The best grill session is accompanied by an adult beverage. We Michiganders love our craft beer, but again, on a hot summer day, nothing hits the spot like a Corona with a lime wedge. If you’re feeling like being extra adventurous, you can drink a few gulps from your Corona and top it off with tequila, resulting in the amazing “Ultimate Corona.” When touring on a budget like us, you can substitute Corona for something more affordable like PBR and it gets the job done wonderfully.


Conclusion: Put Parts 1, 2, and 3 into action in any order.  Repeat 2-3 times a week. And there you have it – our secret to being sexy! (Note to readers: definitions of “sexy” may vary. Results may also vary.)



Sexy or not, we’re always having a good day. Especially when pina coladas are involved.

Okay. All joking and sarcasm aside, we really do try to be healthy, which can be a challenge while touring. Being creative and trying to make each show our best performance yet is really hard if you have gut rot. During our most recent 3-month winter tour, we stopped at McDonalds only one time… because McDonald’s breakfast. (It was 6:30 AM and we needed to lube up our vocal cords with some grease before performing on a news station in Florida.)

We are pretty frugal. We shop at grocery stores and cook for ourselves instead of eating in restaurants, and we are also very fortunate to make wonderful friends on the road who offer a home-cooked meal. (You know who you are… thank you! You make a huge difference for us.)

IMG_0290Bacon, baked goods, and The VitaMix Experience in Pella, IA. Thanks to the Tripps!

IMG_1166Italian feast with Ernie and Janis in Tucson, AZ

11639693_10206953704190203_1459917196_oOur long-time friends and supporters, the Detering family from Ann Arbor, MI.
We always look forward to our annual fajita party when we play in A2! Nothing beats Becky’s fajitas.

We also tour with a jump rope and AbSlide, because eating the amazing food provided by our nationwide Vibe Tribe gives us workout fuel. Also because sometimes sitting on our butts during those 12-hour drive days requires impromptu gas station workouts.


What interesting travel workouts have you tried? What are your fave places to grab a semi-healthy bite while on the run?

Lisa Kacos
  • Pete Egart
    Posted at 22:29h, 11 September

    Be prepared for more baby boomers at your Grand Rapids show! I told all 2 couples I know to check out the band. Thanks for the healthy ideas! Come back to Brookings SD sometime soon!!